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Baby vomiting through nose or mouth is very common in small children. There may also be other symptoms which depend on what is the cause of this vomiting. A child may be having temperature, pain in the abdomen, an upset stomach or loose motions.

Baby vomiting through nose or mouth may be harmful to the child as he loses fluid from the body and become dehydrated. It is necessary to give a lot of liquids during dehydration to make up for the lost water as it may affect the child if left unattended.

Many a times, new mothers get a shock of their life when they see their baby vomiting through nose. This can be due to incorrect way of breastfeeding. After feeding the baby mothers may want to change the diaper.

They move their legs and buttocks and this may cause vomit. Sometimes while feeding a child, air might get in along with the milk. A lot of air trapped inside may upset the child and cause baby vomiting through nose. Mother should make sure that baby has firm grip on nipple before feed and no air enters.

Another reason for baby vomiting through nose could be when he sleeps after feeding and does not burp.



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