Nutritive value of Indian foods

Nutritive value of Indian foods – Due to marked geographic variations in India, It is important to consider local food preferences, availability and affordability, while offering nutritional counseling. Nutritive value of Indian foods are discussed here. All protein and caloric values in the following discussion are given as in 100 gm or ml of foodstuff, unless specified otherwise.

Aflatoxin in milk

According to lab tests, it has been established that aflatoxin in milk can lead to liver damage and cancer. The presence of aflatoxin in milk, is referred to as mycotoxin and when this is present in milk it can lead to various serious complications. These complications include liver damage, considerable reduction in milk production and there is inhibition of

Muscular strength exercise

Finding good muscular strength exercise is not always easy because apart from doing different types of exercises, it is equally important to perform it in the right manner. The best exercise for increasing muscle strength would be lifting of heavy weights. Muscular strength exercise in the form of free hand exercises are a good way

Digestion process

The digestion process in a body begins a little before food particles goes in the body. Even before the intake of food, the aroma or sight of food causes salivation. The digestion process starts when the food goes in the mouth and the teeth start breaking the food component in small pieces. These pieces get mixed

Good and Bad food for your Libido

There is no doubt that the unhealthy American diet is causing the widespread of the obesity problem among the youth and the children. But there is another hidden epidemic to which out fatty diets contribute is the national libido crisis. One of the major problems which both men and women are facing today is the

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