Aflatoxin in milk

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According to lab tests, it has been established that aflatoxin in milk can lead to liver damage and cancer.

The presence of aflatoxin in milk, is referred to as mycotoxin and when this is present in milk it can lead to various serious complications.

These complications include liver damage, considerable reduction in milk production and there is inhibition of the immune system.

Aflatoxin in milk is classified as Aflatoxin M1 that is extracted by the ingested milk.

There is much significance of the identification of the aflatoxin in milk, as this dairy product is a rich source of nutrition for human beings.

Alpha M1 HPLC is a rapid aflatoxin test which is applied in order to obtain accurate numerical results for the detection of aflatoxin in milk.

Furthermore ,the medical practitioner may also use monoclonal affinity chromatography, that includes the Alfa M1 isolate aflatoxin M1 from the dairy products.

In case mycotoxins are identified in TLC test that is also known as thin layer chromatography, that has a high power of separation and this test is also very efficient in terms of time consumption, the results are more accurate.

Thus the TLC method is most applied as compared to other methods of chromatography that are used in order to detect the presence of aflatoxin in the dairy products.



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