The degree of aflatoxin symptoms will depend on the level of exposure to it. In case of high level of exposure to it, the various aflatoxin symptoms include acute hepatic necrosis;  and this if untreated may lead to excessive scarring on the liver.

There is cirrhosis inflammation of the liver and subsequent carcinoma of the liver. Some of the extreme aflatoxin symptoms include acute hepatic failure that is manifested by hemorrhage, and there is edema associated with the condition.

It may also lead to alteration in the process of digestion, and it retards the absorption of various nutrients in the diet. It may lead to mental changes which can get complicated and the patient maybe in coma.

According to medical studies, it has been revealed that although no human being is immune to aflatoxin, they may rarely succumb to an acute reaction to aflatoxicosis. Humans have a high tolerance of the toxins released by it as compared to animals. The various aflatoxin symptoms associated with chronic exposure to aflatoxin, are described as acute aflatoxicosis.

If this condition affects young children it may lead to retardation in growth and development. The child is also exposed to a high risk of liver inflammation that leads to excessive scarring ad cancer of the liver.

For the past few decades, major research has been directed in establishing the role of aflatoxin cancer that is a cancer caused due to naturally produced toxins. These toxins have been produced in mold in the laboratory, and subject to various tests in order to determine their role in cancer.

It has been established, that various genetic changes may occur as a result of exposure to aflatoxin and thus it is possible to explain the cause of aflatoxin cancer in human beings. The information gained from this research is widely applied in order to determine various cancer prevention strategies.

Since this cancer is caused mainly through the toxins that are ingested from diet, the various type of food products that are used in the diet are considered. Aflatoxin may be found on corn, rice, wheat and it is also known to be present on peanuts, wheat, almonds and sunflower seeds.

It may also present on various types of spices like black pepper and coriander. The food products may be contaminated during the various stages of production that include processing, storage and transport of the food products.

All the above stages may provide the mold that supports mold growth on the food products. Thus exposure to the contaminated food products can lead to aflatoxin cancer in patients.

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