What do babies do in the womb

What do babies do in the womb – Most of the new would be mothers want to know about the movement of their baby in their womb. They are quite inquisitive about it because they have to carry the baby in their womb everywhere for nearly 9 months. Hence they end up asking question what do babies

Breast growth during pregnancy

Let us understand how to cope with breast growth during pregnancy. During the first few weeks of pregnancy, breasts become sore and tender. Women may experience pain as the nipples become sensitive. When a woman is pregnant, there are a lot of adjustments going on in her body to make way for the baby. Certain

Preparing for pregnancy

A well balanced and healthy diet is essential for both your well being and that of your baby while preparing for pregnancy. Everything that you eat and drink will also become your unborn child’s nourishment and what you store before pregnancy is important for early fetal development when all the major organs are formed. One

Postnatal care

Although your new baby will probably give you great emotional satisfaction, Postnatal care is important as you may be physically uncomfortable. Your body has gone through many changes during pregnancy and it will take a while for it to return to its pre-pregnancy state. Six weeks after the birth your doctor will examine you to

Postnatal exercise

Postnatal exercise is one of the most important aspects of the postnatal care period. Despite losing the combined weight of the baby, the placenta, and the amniotic fluid, you will still be heavier than you were before you became pregnancy. You may even find that you have to continue to wear maternity clothes for a

Do babies poop in the womb

Many new mothers have the question “do babies poop in the womb”. The answer to it is, yes, the babies do poop in the womb. The poop in the mother’s womb is called Meconium. This is very normal and can happen many times. It becomes common when the birth of the baby is delayed or

Very early signs of pregnancy 1 week

Very early signs of pregnancy 1 week can be known by various symptoms, and these symptoms vary from person to person. Some may undergo drastic changes and some may experience a few changes. There are ten signs of symptoms altogether, which give an indication of being pregnant. Hormonal balances begin to change at this stage

Pregnancy hormones week by week

It is healthier to know the developmental changes about pregnancy hormones week by week as it is good for both mother and the baby. Keeping a track about the same will give you a clear picture about what to expect and what needs to be done for a better progress. Let us see the changes

How long after ovulation can conception occur

How long after ovulation can conception occur? This is a tricky question as conception can occur within 30 minutes of having sex or can take three weeks to happen. Mostly, the chances of conception will have to happen within 24 hours after ovulation, as the egg will not stay for long in the fallopian tube,

“Mothers Womb”: The first learning center for the Baby

When you think of all the incredible changes that go into turning a fertilized egg into a newborn baby, how can you not feel awe? By the time most women realize they are pregnant, about five weeks after their last menstrual period, the embryo is already pretty complex. Shaped like a disk, it has an

When does Conception occur? plan your date

The question when does Conception occur bothers many married women. Two chemical substances are released into the bloodstream called the Hormones, which come from special glands during the first half of menstrual cycle. Ovum, or the ripe egg results from the process stimulated by one Hormone while thickening in readiness to receive fertilized ovum results from

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