Breast growth during pregnancy

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Let us understand how to cope with breast growth during pregnancy. During the first few weeks of pregnancy, breasts become sore and tender. Women may experience pain as the nipples become sensitive.

When a woman is pregnant, there are a lot of adjustments going on in her body to make way for the baby. Certain apparent changes are weight gain, breast growth during pregnancy, skin changes and increase in size of the uterus.

This can be compared to the feeling before periods which will remain till the end of the first trimester. When we study breast growth during pregnancy, it is found that a lot of women’s breasts become bigger in size.

While some may grow a cup size or more especially during their first pregnancy, others might not get the same results. Also, breast size may not change much in the second pregnancy. Appearance of stretch marks on breasts can cause slight discomfort in that area. Any good quality lotion should be applied to soothe the skin.

It takes care of all the essential needs of the child. However, for some women it can be awkward when this milk leaks during their second or third trimester. You can use breast pads in such a situation. Pregnancy is a unique experience, so don’t fret over bodily changes and enjoy it.

In the later stages, the nipples may become larger and veins in the breasts become more visible due to increased blood supply. As part of breast growth during pregnancy, colustrum is produced around the third month.



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