Very early signs of pregnancy 1 week

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Very early signs of pregnancy 1 week can be known by various symptoms, and these symptoms vary from person to person. Some may undergo drastic changes and some may experience a few changes. There are ten signs of symptoms altogether, which give an indication of being pregnant.

Hormonal balances begin to change at this stage and is the major symptom of pregnancy. Many women experience frequent urination during this time, and it increases gradually, as the pregnancy proceeds.

The pregnancy hormone called as HCG levels is the main cause of frequent urination during pregnancy. A woman can see light spotting during first week of pregnancy, and is due to occurrence of implementation before the menstrual cycle.

The body temperature rises on completion of ovulation, and hence this is also one of the very early signs of pregnancy 1 week. Mainly, a missed menstrual cycle has been listed first amongst the ten signs of very early pregnancy, if your periods are always regular.

Pregnant lady starts feeling fatigue due to hormonal changes, and would take some time to get adapted to new hormonal levels. Fifty out of hundred would feel nausea at any time, but it has been recorded mostly during day times. Constipation, tender nipples and breasts; and darker areolas are also the very early signs of pregnancy 1 week.

Always consult a doctor and take proper care, and avoid taking alcohol and quit smoking, as they are injurious to health. Keep in mind that, now you are two, so be fit and keep exercising.



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