Pregnancy hormones week by week

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It is healthier to know the developmental changes about pregnancy hormones week by week as it is good for both mother and the baby. Keeping a track about the same will give you a clear picture about what to expect and what needs to be done for a better progress. Let us see the changes that might happen during your pregnancy.

The first week of pregnancy actually takes place after two weeks of the onset of the periods. Two weeks of pregnancy is also not considered as pregnant, although your body starts preparing egg for fertilization.

Most women are advised to consult a doctor for regular check up, to avoid any risks. The third week is considered to be the stage of pregnancy, where the egg gets fertilized by sperm and develops in uterus.

The pregnancy reaches fourth week, divides the fertilized egg into two portions, one is fixed to the placenta which excretes the waste, and the other half is the baby. You will not get into periods, when you reach the fourth week. In the fifth week of pregnancy, the baby starts to develop.

During sixth week of pregnancy, basic features of the baby begin to develop. During the change in pregnancy hormones week by week, a pregnant lady should be very careful, and avoid taking non vegetarian food, alcohol and tobacco as well. Pregnant lady should be very careful during all the stages, and eat healthy food containing calcium, iron and proteins.



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