How long after ovulation can conception occur

How long after ovulation can conception occur? This is a tricky question as conception can occur within 30 minutes of having sex or can take three weeks to happen. Mostly, the chances of conception will have to happen within 24 hours after ovulation, as the egg will not stay for long in the fallopian tube, and once the egg is fertilized it passes through fallopian tube to the uterus for implantation. During the course of traveling, the egg grows in size and the cells starts reproducing and dividing.

The process of traveling and implanting will usually take 7 to 10 days, and during this period pregnant lady may observe bleeding or spotting, which is called as implantation bleeding. Hence, it is very essential for a pregnant lady to keep herself safe and avoid risk like carrying heavy weights, running or walking fast.

Hence, women who are planning to conceive should know all the facts about how long after ovulation can conception occur, to keep themselves risk free. Scientifically, it has been proven that, the longer the result of conception will lead to chances of delivering a baby girl, and if the conception occurs within 24 hours or 30 minutes, then you will likely to have a baby boy. The reason behind this is that female sperms live longer than male sperms.

Pregnancy is a time of wishful anticipation, joy as well as planning and preparation, and in the case of first time parents there is a lot of anxiety combined with uncertainty. Parents dream of giving birth to a strong, healthy and happy baby, and make plans to provide him with everything he needs in order to grow healthily and survive.

But parents often fear and have numerous questions as soon as the conception occurs in the womb, especially if it is their first child. After the conception occurs in the womb, everything around you that you may eat or breathe will be passed on to the womb and affect the fetus.

The process begins as soon as the conception occurs in the womb and the fetus is developing in the first two months of pregnancy. This is a very critical time as the various major body organs like limbs, brain, heart, eyes and sex organs are being formed in the fetus.

Parental care starts right from the time the conception occurs in the womb and the parents must be very careful and avoid all chemical substances like cigarettes, alcohol and drugs as these could hinder the growth and development of the fetus in the womb.

As the conception occurs in the womb, would be mothers are advised to quit smoking as this could interfere with the normal development of the baby and cause congenital abnormalities.

There can be many more factors that may lead to abnormalities in the fetus; factors like drugs, alcoholism, and even certain medications which are taken during pregnancy can have serious side effects. Therefore, leading a happy and healthy life leads to healthy and bright babies.

You can know more about it through online. Alternatively, the details about how long after ovulation can conception occur can be sought from your gynecologist.

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