When does Conception occur? plan your date

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The question when does Conception occur bothers many married women.

Two chemical substances are released into the bloodstream called the Hormones, which come from special glands during the first half of menstrual cycle.

Ovum, or the ripe egg results from the process stimulated by one Hormone while thickening in readiness to receive fertilized ovum results from the process stimulated by the second hormone in the lining of the uterus that is the womb.

The job of the first hormone completes around the end of two weeks from the menstrual cycle and hence you ovulate. Which means your ovaries releases a ripe ovum.

So when does conception occur? It takes place when the male sperm fertilizes with this ripe ovum.

From the ovary to the uterus, there is a connecting tube called the Fallopian tube, where this fertilization occurs and get implanted into the thick uterine lining.

After this process is completed, the cervix increases a little in its width and also becomes very soft.

A Thick mucous plug seals off the uterus in order to protect it from infection. If the conception doesn’t takes place, then this thick uterine lining sheds off and menstruation takes place.



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