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Gum infection symptoms – With increase in junk food across the world, people are beginning to come across new kinds of diseases and medical conditions. Many of these conditions are related to the dental health of a person. Infection in gums is a very common problem faced by many throughout the world.

The gum infection symptoms are either clearly visible or sometimes they are hidden and do not appear unless the infection spreads and becomes severe. The gums tend to get infected due to poor oral hygiene or because of improper maintenance of the dental health.


In this condition, the gums become red and swollen and they begin to recede from the teeth. The gum infection symptoms include formation of bacterial layer between the teeth which causes sores and ulcers of severe kind. There is pain associated with this which can increase with the increase in infection.

The pain varies from mild gentle one to a acute and severe one. The most common complaint of pain due to this infection is described as stabbing, sharp, shooting, burning sensation and tearing kind. But sometimes the pain may not be associate with the gum infection symptoms which can also cause one to ignore the condition.

Various kinds of other reasons can also hold good for infection in the gums like deficiency of vitamins, deficiency of Iron, and other disorders like improper immune system etc. All these kinds of conditions may result in gum infection symptoms that might be an alarm to go for a quick treatment.

These symptoms are sometimes easily visible while in some cases are very hard to figure out. Infection may go unnoticed if these symptoms don’t come in our view. Generally the most severe cases of gum infections have this reason behind it.

One may also find gum disorders when suffering from high fever for a long time. Generally this is prevalent in children who have fever continuously for many days. The gums in such cases tend to change color, start to recede and the teeth become loose. Small blisters may also form, thus indicating gum infection symptoms.



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