How are Baby gloves different from Baby mittens

How are Baby gloves different from Baby Mittens? Gloves are essentially used to cover hands and protect them from various factors. Gloves are synonymous with winter gloves which have a separate pocket for each finger on the hand. It is easily fitted around in each finger thus keeping the tiny fingers warm and protecting them from the harsh, cold winter air.

In contrast to this Mittens do not have a separate pocket for each finger and. Here, there is one single opening for the thumb while all other fingers come in a single big pocket. Mittens restrict the movement of the fingers as compared to gloves. Mittens hinder activities that require the use of fingers. Gloves come in a wide variety of styles and fabric.

Little hands are kept warm with gloves made from wool, cotton or any other material which may be knitted by hand or manufactured from a machine. Some people prefer tiny gloves which can be stretched in a hand of any size, but others still follow the old fashioned big sized ones which ensure warmth and protection. Gloves are also available in variety of colors to which you can easily coordinate with the color of the baby’s dress.

Gloves also reflect the individual’s style and personality. On the other hand, Baby Mittens and hats come in handy when traveling outdoors. As adults we wear hats and gloves to protect our skin from the harmful effects of sunlight, similarly it is vital to protect the sensitive skin of our newborns too. Head gear in the form of hats and caps and mittens for those tiny hands are useful in protecting the scalp and hands of our babies.

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