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The question Is gingivitis contagious is often asked by many people as this is one of the most common diseases that is prevalent in nearly all age groups of the society. It is essentially caused by the bacteria infection around the gums and teeth inside the mouth.

Although, the first answer to the question Is gingivitis contagious is a simple and big NO. But sometimes it cannot be answered in one word and may require a lengthy explanation that may justify the spreading of this condition in some cases.


People might have different kinds of gingivitis condition that may vary from severe to mild inflammations. The question Is gingivitis contagious arises mostly because people close to an infected person generally tend to suffer from this condition.

There are many reasons due to which a person may get this condition. Some drugs or medications tend to swell the gums around the teeth, leaving them susceptible for the bacteria to settle down. It has been often seen that those who use heavy medications tend to get bacteria infection in the mouth.

The Is gingivitis contagious is also asked by those who live around such patients. Mostly those who are with the patient all the time tend to get such doubts. Although one may not necessarily say that such patients can be source of this disease for others, yet one cannot completely rule it out.

The answer to the question Is gingivitis contagious can be Yes in cases where the infected person might come in contact with the other people physically. For example, through saliva that is while kissing or coughing etc. However, just because the bacteria gets passed off to another person does not mean he will get the disease because this again depends on individuals respective body immunity.

Canadian scientific studies have answered Is gingivitis contagious with a Yes, showing their statistics that 30% to 70% of people tend to get infected by the bacteria passed on from the infected person. The infection level however might vary depending on immune system, as mentioned above.



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