Posture contributes a lot to Back Pain

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In general 60% of the population spends lot of time in sitting for long hours at one position.This leads to bad posture and ultimately back ache, neck pain and generalized tiredness.Its because more amount of forces and movement is noticed in the spinal disc leading to back pain. The neck and backache along with headaches results from muscular or disc disorders due to compression of the nerves and the blood vessels in that area.

The best way to improve your posture is to stand in front of the mirror. Head should be straight and shoulder in line with the ears,chin parallel to the floor,and knee should be straight. You should always remember the presence of three curves, inward curve at the neck, other is the outward curve at the chest and finally inward curve again at the lower back.This is the sign of a healthy spine and good posture. Suppose the curves are not balanced with each other the head and neck support will get altered and the bones , joints and muscles have to face lot of load and stress. Offices and call centers are the most common places for poor posture.

Correcting you posture is the first step to do. And then make sure to keep your head straight and to avoid hunching your shoulders.Specially for ladies, avoid high heeled shoe as it spoils the posture as a whole. Make sure that your office seat for enough support for your lower back. A separate lumbar back support is available in market which can be attached to any chair either office seat or car seats for those traveling long distances. Proper sitting angle can avoid stress at the back. And lastly don’t sit in the same posture, get up and take frequent breaks.Its better to do little stretch exercise in between to reduce stress on the muscles.

People who work out daily have less tendency to get back ache as the muscles around the spine are strong and more supportive. In spite of all this, if the pain persist then visit a physiotherapist or a trainer who guides you to a proper lower bach and core strengthening exercises.



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