When do babies start Teething

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Parents are concerned about itsy bitsy problems babies’ encounter in their life of growing period. One such problem is teething. Most kids start getting their first tooth usually around 6 months, but it varies depending upon their health.

The initial process is quite painful in most babies and there are various symptoms that arise where one can make out that the baby is teething .Usually the teething process extends for about 2 years, but once the first few teeth are out, others come out more comfortably than the initial ones.

When babies are teething there are few things that they do which are not a part of their normal behavior.

They get irritated and are very fussy especially at night, because the activity of tooth eruption takes place more at night than at the day time, so babies can’t sleep well due to the pain and due their short sleep they are irritated even at day time.

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Babies who are teething are seen with red and swollen gums and that’s the reason they want to chew on every stuff they have in hand because the pressure of chewing helps them ease the pain that is causing due to tooth eruption. Few of them would like to chew on the bottle nipples or particular toys made especially for the babies who are teething.

They also pull their ear because the pain in their jaw due to eruption comes up to the ear and they fell like pulling their ear. Ear pulling can also be a cause of ear infection, so consulting a doctor would be a good idea. Babies are seen drooling all over at a certain age, this is not necessary a symptom of teething.

They also get very fussy over eating at this time. Few would like to go on liquids because chewing bottle nipples soothes them or some would like to be on solid food again because chewing helps them. Their is a misconception that teething causes fewer but usually fewer is caused by some other problems like some infection in body ,it can be ear infection ,so it is better to rush to doctor if fewer rises up to 101F because u don’t want to risk life of your baby.

Also its seen that your baby gets diarrhea usually at the time of teething, but it is not the cause of diarrhea it is usually because babies take every stuff in mouth irrespective of how clean they are and also because children are introduced to new food ,but again if diarrhea gets worse and last for more than two days than its better rushing to doctor.

Babies can feel better when teething if parents try these

1. Freezing the teething toy before giving it to their kids.

2. Applying gels available in market which helps numb the gums and they don’t feel pain for some period of time.

3. If the pain gets too worse, giving acetaminophen or pain killer helps them.

4. Finally the magic of touch helps a lot at any time when babies are fussy.



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