Amebiasis treatment

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Amebiasis is a parasitic disease that is very common in developing countries. Some people in the United States of America also show signs of the disease, if they have been travelling to the developing countries in the past. On the other hand, immigrants from developing countries may also be infected with amebiasis. Poor sanitary and health conditions may cause amebiasis in people. Underdeveloped or developing countries lack proper sanitation and therefore, amebiasis is common in such countries and amebiasis treatment is well advanced.

Amebiasis is a parasitic disease that is cause by Entameba hystolitica. This is a one celled parasite, where the cell has an irregular shape. The amebiasis treatment is decided, only after the disease is identified, and irregularity in shape is a main feature of the disease.

People may have the disease, but they may not show any symptoms for a long time. On the other hand, treatment of amebiasis may be delayed when there are no signs of the disease.

Amebiasis infections

Amebiasis infections occur due to the disease amebiasis that is caused by the irregular and single celled parasite known as Entameba Hystolitica. This parasite is transmitted due to the intake of food or water that has been contaminated by infected stools. The infected person’s stools may contain spores or cysts containing entameba hystolitica. During the course of the amebiasis infections, the parasitic spores infect the liver cells and undergo somatic mutations.

The entameba hystolitica cells are irregular in shape, and multiply at a fast rate. The developed spores are released in the blood of the infected person and thus are also present in the stools.  The parasitic spores are covered with a protective outer sheath, and thus the cells can remain dormant for long years. Amebiasis infections may cause the cells to become active and reproduce at a fast rate in the new host.

Amebiasis infections are very common in developing countries that lack proper sanitation and infrastructure. People who have amebiasis infection may travel to other countries causing a spread of the disease. Lack of proper personal hygiene is also the major cause of the spread of amebiasis.

Doctors advise that one must wash his hands and follow good health and hygiene habits in order to curb the spread of amebiasis infections. If you are traveling to developing countries where amebiasis is very common, it is advisable to drink only boiled water, or water that is bottled. One can also use carbonated drinks from sealed bottles. It is important to avoid drinking water from public places and avoid eating contaminated food that is exposed to air, as it may cause amebiasis.

Amebiasis treatment is done only with one antibiotic if there are no severe symptoms. Some of the symptoms may include bleeding in stools, motions, dehydration, vomiting and abdominal pain. If the patient shows signs of the above symptoms, then the treatment of amebiasis is done with two types of antibiotics.

Various tests may also be performed in order to ascertain the nature of the disease. The tests may include stool tests and blood tests, but if the results are not obtained. The stool samples will be obtained over a period of time, in order to ascertain the presence of Entameba hystolitica in the body.



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