Baby purple lips

Baby purple lips are just one of the many conditions that is found in the infants, especially those who are less than 4 weeks old. The mouth of the babies undergo a lot of changes as the baby uses it frequently. The color of the lips also undergo various changes, turning pink to purple, black

Baby lip blister

Baby lip blister is a common problem found in the babies, especially those who feed on mothers milk continuously. Although feeding is something that should not be stopped, however, these blisters should also be kept in check as they may become severe if not attended on time. Most of the mothers tend to ignore these

Baby inhaled water

Babies are fragile and they must be essentially handled with care. When babies are born, their bones are as light as feathers and one must take utmost care while handling the babies. There are many instances where the baby may suffer from suffocation as the baby inhaled water. This is common especially when giving bath

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