Adenomyosis icd 9 refers to the classification of adenomyosis according to standards of international statistical classification of diseases and related health problems. ICD contains various codes that are used for the classification of adenomyosis icd 9 based on the associated signs and symptoms of the disease.

This category also includes other factors like abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances and other external factors that lead to trauma and disease. In the case of adenomyosis icd 9, it includes other similar diseases that have been grouped together, based on the health conditions and other medical as well as social perspectives of the disease.

In the case of adenomyosis icd 9, the codes are assigned based on the diagnosis associated with in patient, out patient and physician office utilization in the United States of America. There is associated morbidity detail that is regularly updated on the first day of October. The icd 9 was created by the Nation Health Center for health statistics  that is an extension to the standard  ICD 9 system .

The symptoms associated with Adenomyosis icd 9 can be found in two or three volumes where the volume 1 and 2 contain diagnosis codes while  volume 3 contain procedure codes for the disease.