15 month old

The 15 month old baby is now realizing that she is an individual and no more a part of the parent. The world is getting bigger for the little one. Earlier, when the baby is taken close to the mirror, they would try to touch the image believing that it is another person, whereas, in

13 Month Old

The world is now getting bigger for the 13 month old baby. He is now walking all by herself. There might be few babies who are still walking with the help of support. The parents can relax because there are few kids who do not walk until they are 1.5 years old. The only thing

12 month old

The baby has now completed one year, 12 months and it is time for the parents to rejoice and celebrate. It’s the first birthday of the child and very precious moment for the child and the parents. As the child is now 12 month old, serious changes can be seen in the child mentally and

11 month old

As the baby reaches the age of 11 months, she is more independent and confident about what she does. The 11 month old kid is now close to completing one year. The child is now independent and has learned to stand without any support. He is squatting and stooping. He can now walk holding the

Middle adolescence

Freedom and its limits At 15 to 17, middle adolescence have two important tasks. First, they must come to terms with their sexuality and the conflicting emotions aroused as they begin romantic encounters. Second, they must separate emotionally from their parents and find that they can function independently. As a part of this process, the

Late adolescence

Late adolescence isn’t a tough period as the individual is by now well aware of his or her growth and knows what to do and what not to. However, there are few things to be noted in the individuals who reach the age of late adolescence. Tasks of the age By age 18 to 21,

16 month old

The world of 16 month old baby has taken a turn and a first aid kit needs to be at hand during this period. The baby will now understand things clearly. She will learn that telephone is no more a toy to play or crayon is something she cannot eat. She will instead hold them

Early Adolescence

Early adolescence is the age when kids begin to transform into a different personality and start to experience newer things related to health, psychology, surroundings etc. Changing bodies and minds From twelve to about fourteen, the main psychological challenge is to come to terms with rapidly changing bodies—one’s own and one’s peers’. These years also

Failure to thrive

Failure to thrive (FTT) is a clinical state of growth failure due to any cause, characterized by any one or more of following features: Although weight is a defining criteria, other parameters of growth like height, are frequently affected. Etiologically it may be due to non-organic or organic causes. Non-organic is more common up to


Physical Child growth is evident by chronological changes in — a) General body size and appearance i.e. anthropometric indicators, b) Specific features e.g. dentition and skeletal maturation, and c) Internal body composition. Despite individual variations, most of these changes follow a predictable pattern, and any significant deviation from this pattern may be the earliest or


Growth assessment in children is the essential part of child health surveillance, even in absence of apparent abnormality. While assessment may be considered as one-point process, Growth monitoring is more important and requires serial data e.g. Weight, to detect changes in growth parameters over a period of time. Indications for growth assessment in children are


Growth monitoring/promotion (GMP) is defined as “an operational strategy to enable mothers to visualize growth or lack of growth in their children, and to receive specific, relevant and practical guidance in ways in which she, her family and community in general can act to assure health and continued growth in them”. Objectives of growth monitoring

Baby with big penis

As a baby is growing and developing his physical characteristics are determined by the genes. These genes contain hereditary factors that are passed down from the parents. There are many instances where the parents want to know if their baby with big penis is normal. According to the doctors, it has been found that although

2 month old baby boy

Most parents think that all that their 2 month old baby boy does is feed, poop and sleep, but they fail to realize that their baby boy has emotions. It takes only the trained eye of an experienced parent to gauge the emotions of your 2 month old boy. As the 2 month old baby

Nappy Change

Nappies are produced in a variety of types, styles and sizes, but the basic choice is still between disposable and toweling nappies. Then are different newborn diapers. Ideally, you should decide which type of nappy you are going to use for nappy change before your baby arrives. You will need to take in to account

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